At Reids Gold, we're committed to being open and honest about our products, if there is anything you want to know just ask & we'll post our reply so others may learn too here.

Q: What are your plans for new beers?

A: We have an extensive list of new beers recipes that we would like to release, these will be developed in time and we are dedicated to increasing our offering to our customers. Watch this space.

Q: Why do your beers contain fruit?

A: We find that in the the demanding craft beer market you sometimes need to stand out and be different. Traditionally fruit flavours were accomplished by the hop varieties used but by adding actual fruit gives the beers a different taste that can't be achieved by hops alone. it is a lot of work to process the fruit for production but we feel it is worth the hard work.     

Q: Do you filter your beer?

A: We don't currently filter any of our beers but we do use some natural clarification processes to make our beer clearer but we don't want to get a filtered taste in our beers.

Q: Do you plan making any colaboration beers?

A: We are always open to doing a collaborations with other local businesses however, we haven't done any to date but we're sure some collaborations will follow at some point.

Q: Where else can I get hold of your lovely beers?

A: We do our best to update our website and social media accounts to let you all know when we get a new outlet for our beers. If you follow us on social media you can receive an update notification from us. Please check our distributors list on the website.