About our Brewery

We are a small microbrewery situated in the heart of Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire in the north east of Scotland. This brewery has been built and designed by the owner of Reids Gold Brewing Company Ltd so that we can have full control of our equipment designs and manufacturing processes.

We have a small fully automated 600 litre capacity brew house and currently have two 500 litre fully automated fermentation vessels which allow us a maximum production capacity of around 2000 litres per month. all production processes are done in house and nothing is outsourced and we hand bottle and keg all our beers in house.

The brewery is small in comparison to the huge giants of the craft beer industry but we want to brew small batch, interesting beers and this size of kit is sufficient for us to do this.

We always plan to grow the brewery and offer more beers to our current and new customers our there. The journey has started.

We love beer, we love Reids Gold.