Liberty Apa 440Ml Beer
Liberty Apa Beer
Liberty Apa 440Ml Beer
Liberty Apa 440Ml Beer

Liberty APA 440ml

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Liberty APA 4.5% ABV: (American hopped pale ale with pink grapefruit). This beer is an American pale ale. It only has hops added that are grown in America, these are Amarillo, Mosaic and Sorachi ace and it is not as highly hopped as an IPA so it has a more malty character. This all American bad boy is a smooth, easy drinking session ale, it has some pink grapefruit added to give it a fresh twist and something different that seems to work well with this beer. 

Vegan friendly & Gluten reduced beer.

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Dark Golden


Amarillo, Mosaic & Sorachi Ace


Maris Otter & Caramalt

Other Additions