Stonehaven Fireballs beer is now on fire and can't be put out

Well, the fireballs beer has been on sale for a few weeks now and we can't keep up with the demand unfortunately. The initial thoughts was to try one or two batches and see how it went but with the first batch selling in the first weekend we realised we maybe have made something special here. This beer was made in conjunction with the fireballs committee and the request was to make a light fresh beer that was easy drinking, so together we developed a nice fresh session IPA with light fruity hops and and a nice malty backbone. The beer has come out just as good as we thought it would and with that we can now with confidence use it to start raising some funds towards the fireballs and promote the event.

I am very happy to be part of raising money for them as this event is something my family and friend have all been either to see it or involved in it. I am very lucky to live in Stonehaven and be part of the community and we love tradition and heritage here. this is an event that requires a lot of time and effort to organise and is free to it attendees so we are more than happy to support this event and long may it continue. Bring in 2019 with a Stonehaven Fireballs Beer.

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