Stonehaven Midsummer Beer Happening 2018

Reids Gold are very happy to be invited to the MSBH 2018

Well its that time of year again people, time for the annual Stonehaven beer festival. This event has grown massively over the years and always seems to be a bigger success than the years proceeding it. With an amazing selection of beers and great food with complimenting music and great atmosphere this event promises to give all that come to it a great time and to leave with a smile on their faces. The event is a charity event and there has been a lot of money raised for local charities previously and this years the target is to raise over the 100 thousand pounds mark in total monies raised for charities by this event. This just shows what a great event this has become and that it is a very successful contributor to these grateful charities. Reids Golds heart is in Stonehaven and were are proud and honoured to be part of this event this year.


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