Reids Gold at Mid May Beer Day, Shetland, 11th May 2019

The first beer event that Reids Gold will be involved in this year is to be held at the Scalloway Boating club in Shetland this year. This is a relatively new event that promises to treat and entertain the people of Shetland with beers brewed from local Scottish producers with a focus on quality and originality. They intend to raise money for their local charities with the proceeds from this event and Reids Gold was more than happy to support this. We hope that all that come have a great time and enjoy the selection of fine beers that the organisers have carefully chosen for this event. hope all you guys have a blast. Cheers from Reids Gold.


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  • Attending the Mid May Beer Day in Shetland on 11th May 2019 was such a memorable experience! Reid’s Gold was definitely a highlight of the event—a perfect blend of flavor and craftsmanship. The atmosphere was lively, and enjoying this brew amidst such a festive backdrop made it truly special. Looking forward to reliving this fantastic day next year!
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