Green Monkey Wheat
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Green Monkey Wheat
Green Monkey Wheat
Green Monkey Wheat

Green Monkey Wheat

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Green Monkey Wheat 4.5% ABV: (Lemon, Lime and Orange infused wheat beer) This beer is made with traditional wheat beer yeast and ingredients specific to the style of a Belgian Witbier containing Saaz hops orange peel and cracked coriander seeds. This is a zestier version of the style with lemon and lime peel added to give it an unique flavour that can't be obtained by hops alone, slightly sour and super refreshing. Wheat beers are normally cloudy due to yeast suspension and a part of the flavour is given to the beer by the yeast. It is recommended to slightly agitate the bottle or keg prior to serving to rouse the yeast. This is optional to do this but to get the maximum yeast flavour addition it is recommended, this is normal practice for serving a Witbier. It is light golden, opaque in colour and would pair well with sea food or any light snacks.

Spec Sheet


Winner Bronze, 2019 Scottish beer awards, best session beer category




Pale Golden, Opaque


Saaz, Amarilo & Citra


Malted Barley, Wheat Malt & Flaked oats

Other Additions

Coriander, Orange, Lemon & Lime