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Designated Driver 0.5%ABV: (Low alcohol craft Pilsner). This beer is designed for either the health conscious drinker or a social beer drinkers that want a low alcohol alternative. This is a very light refreshing beer with mild bitterness and subtle Pilsner malt and slight caramel malt profile. Hops used are Amarillo and summer hops and also has satsuma peels for extra flavour. Vegan Friendly.

This beer is for the craft beer drinker that doesn't want to compromise with soft drinks and wants to enjoy a beer when they want to. We have put a lot of passion into this beer to make sure it is something we can be proud of like all of our other beers. 

Don't compromise, drink Designated Driver.

This beer is low alcohol and not zero alcohol, please don't drink and drive. 

Spec Sheet




Light Golden


Summer and Amarillo


Pilsner malt, Pale malt and Caramalt.

Other Additions

Mandarin Peel